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Brand naming

A great brand name is one of the most powerful forces in branding, marketing and advertising. It is at once the story about what makes you different from your competitors and the emotional tug that connects you with your audience—all in one or a few words.

A brand name that wields that much power can only come through a powerful positioning strategy—one that keys in on the kind of appeal that can touch the hearts and minds of your market in a way the world may have never seen. A great brand name can do this and own the talk of an industry. As you can see, there’s quite bit in a brand name.

SaoKim Branding is an independent brand naming consultancy. We collaborate with clients to create memorable, impactful verbal identities for companies, products and services. Our team of branding specialists combine creative expression with strategic insight to develop names that both inform and inspire.

Below are some of our successful brand naming projects:

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