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Some frequenly asked questions about below can partially answer your consideration. If you have any other questions regarding the service of LogoArt, please send your questions to mailboxes: and please remember the question title and content for the fastest answer.

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1 Is LogoArt a company?
Answer: LogoArt is a trademark of Sao Kim Brand Creation and Consultancy Company Limited. The company website is All LogoArt legal transactions are under the name of Sao Kim Brand Creation and Consultancy Company Limited.

2 Why should i believe in LogoArt?
Answer: You have your own criteria for evaluation and selection of suppliers and we can not do on your behalf. However, LogoArt give you the clearest information on our experience, our projects , customer lists, document form, our process ... All is to help you make decisions quickly and accurately. Furthermore, our consultants are ready to share to you any information for your more precise assessment.

3 How can LogoArt design a impressive and effective logo?
- Firstly we need a scientific workflow.
- Secondly, we need to understand the customer's needs and goals, which can be achieved through the information that you provide us in form designed scientifically by LogoArt.
- Thirdly, we have in-depth working experience on brand creativity, a strong team of design professionals working in collaboration with each other to create the best product.
They are the most fundamental reasons for the success of a logo design project!

4 How many times can I have the logo design edited?
LogoArt: You can feel assured because we do not limit the number of times you require editing. We will provide professional advices whenever you require editing to ensure that the change will be better!

5 How many logo concepts can I choose?
LogoArt: With each logo design submission, we will send 04 different concepts designed by 04 creative designers. Clients often choose one of our designs within 2 submissions. If not, we can arrange an additional 3rd submission.

6 I can work directly with the creative designed?
LogoArt: Usually you will work with our designer through Project Tracker system. If you want to have a direct conversation, please come in to our office or call to make an appointment with us. We will arrange a meeting in about 1-2 days later.

7 Can I shorten logo design time to one day?
LogoArt: Unfortunately, it is not! Logo design requires an investment of time to study the project and to look for creative ideas. Therefore, it can not be shortened to one day. Normally, time for making one logo is from 7 - 10 days. If you require to shorten to 4-5 days we can do it, of course, it needs some small fee so that this arrangement can be applied.

8 Can you design some demo sample?
LogoArt: Logo design requires extreme creativity & work load. Therefore, when designing any logo we must make strict procedures and investment of effort. You can look at the designs on our website to decide to cooperate. LogoArt can not provide logo design demo according to your specific requirements.

9 What's happen If I do not like the logo design?
LogoArt: We can not guarantee that all designs make you satisfied. But if, common agreement cant be reached, the following methods are used:
- Change the original artist design team.
- Unify original criteria table attached with the points for each criterion.
- Suggest the next plan.
Creativity requires endless passion and determination. We believe that we will not be stopped regardless of any obstacles.

10 After the logo design is finished, what should I do?
LogoArt: The next tasks you should implement include:
- Registration of trademark protection for the newly designed logo. This is extremely important if you would like to establish your ownership rights to the logo and avoid legal problems later. Click here for more information.
- Development of application brand identity standards based on company needs. Refer to brand identity items here.
For further advice, please contact LogoArt.

11 How to use logo?
LogoArt: Logo is the most basic elements of brand identity system. It is expressed on most printed materials, advertising materials, communications programs... So this logo needs to be consistent everywhere all the time. The logo guideline we compiled is to help you manage the entire application process of that logo. Please print out this guideline and give to marketing staff, brand parts, manufacturing partners, construction - printing contractors ... to ensure that everyone can comply with the logo standards.

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