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Company profile design

Profile called power company profile, this is a separate company mainly introduced for customers.Through the company’s profile, customers can know the level of professionalism, class sizes of business of the company in a general and complete.

A company can have many Brochure, Catalogue product introduction but only one Profile to introduce yourself. Therefore, in addition to promoting brand image, expressing the cultural identity of the company, consistent with the brand identity system, Profile tool also supports companies in the bidding for the project, up ability to succeed in the business with partners, contributed in the success or failure of the business.

Profile design like?

Normally a book Profile design should be short, concise, but not too sketchy.

Number about 12 – 20 pages enough to transmit the full contents of an overview on the company.
The colors are designed to be consistent with the dominant color of the logo and brand identity system.
Selected image must clearly reflect the company’s business.

Size of finished products

Finished size: according to customer’s requirements.
Packing: using technology Offset printing 4 color 2 sides.
Processing: cut, bound to press the two metals between or glued neck, cover membrane staff.
Material: paper Couche or Fort.

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